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Real Estate

The Abbey in Morristown (also known as Alnwick Hall) is the most visible example of Tom Maoli’s real estate holdings, which include condominiums, apartments, and shopping malls.

Tom is the President and CEO of Real Estate Opportunity Investments, LLC., a real estate company which specializes in purchasing, holding, developing and operating retail shopping centers, office buildings and residential developments throughout the Northeast. A major goal of REOI is to identify and develop residential and commercial opportunities by bringing together experienced management, prime property location, financing expertise and development know-how to achieve successful investment potential.


Tom Maoli’s ventures into logistics, delivery, management, marketing, top-level corporate domestic/international negotiations and financing began over three decades ago.

In 1982, Tom Maoli founded Flash Courier Services, Inc. It began as a local courier company that delivered packages throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for the legal and financial industries. Tom built the company into one of the largest courier companies in the tristate area. It now employs more than 250 driver/couriers.

Tom’s expertise also contributed to the success of Flash Global Logistics Services, Inc. which he established in 1993 to distribute just-in time mission critical parts to support supply chain continuity for a variety of Fortune 100 companies including Ford, Siemens, Hitachi, GE, Cisco, Google, Boeing, Caterpillar, to name a few.

FGLS offered services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to automotive as well as medical equipment and technology companies across 750 global locations. By incorporating and establishing Metrics Driver technology software developed by Tom into their system, FGLS was able to provide optimal management of critical inventories with a 99.75% on-time performance rate and a 99.8% inventory accuracy. This enabled FGLS to grow to over 550 global locations and more than $50 million in annual revenue by the time Tom sold it in 2007.

”These companies gave me a huge parts, technology and service-oriented background," Maoli says. "In the logistics business, we had to have parts on site within two and four hours to meet contract business. It also gave me an inventory background, which helps me in my current parts department."

Tom brings all of these acquired skills to his current automotive businesses. He states, “Inventory is a critical part of the automobile business and I have lots of experience in that field.”

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